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Millesimé Spumante Extra Dry

The aperitif or the after dinner find an excellent consonance with the sparkling Batíso Millesimé, which, with its new design, exhibits its lightness and purity, ideal to match the most light and lively moments.

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Technical information

  • Appellation: Millesimé spumante Extra Dry.
  • Grape variety: Glera.
  • Pairing: Great perlage for aperitif and after dinner.
  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Format: 0,75 l.
  • Serve at: 4-6° C.
  • Type: Spumante
Wine technical sheet
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Tasting notes

Colour: Light straw yellow.
Nose: Fresh and light, fruity in its scents of pineapple and Golden apple. It reminds of spring perfumes of wild flowers such as wisteria and acacia.
Taste: Sweetish and enjoyable, with a slender and lively body. Thanks to its light and versatile characteristics, it offers to the palate the unmistakable elegance of the Batíso line.


Fancy appetizers suit Batíso Millesimé in its peculiar and graceful vivacity. Great perlage for the after dinner.


Batíso, Valdobbiadene (TV) Italy.

Millesimé Spumante Extra Dry 0,75 lt - Spumante wine - SuttoWine