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Oppale Beer

Light beer, very hopped, refermented in bottle after a first high fermentation.

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32 Via dei birrai


White, compact and persistent head; the colour is straw yellow, with no suspendent solids. There may be a yeast cloud.


Caramel and toffee combined with herbaceous and fruity notes.


Full-bodied beer with a good balance between caramel and a distinct bitterness. Fine perlage, low CO2 saturation.

Type of beer

Belgian hopped beer (golden ale).

Alcohol content

5.5 %

Bottle size

0,75 l.

Suggested pairings

Rich and fat dishes.

Recommended glass

Red wine glass

Serving temperature

10-12°C*); After having poured the beer, leave it to oxygenate so that its excess aroma is released.

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