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The Family


Our history begins in 1933 in Campo di Pietra, in the Veneto region, where Luigi Sutto gave life to our lifelong passion.

From an idea, from a dream, three generations of farmers and entrepreneurs have raised the wine-making tradition of Sutto Family, putting elegance, quality and hospitality at the heart of a path which gave life to three labels of great character: Sutto, Batíso and Polje. Wine is the first and essential activity of our family. Sutto wines were born in Campo di Pietra, in the lands of Piave river: fresh and perfumed white wines, enchanting red wines with a strong personality, whose diamond tip is undoubtedly Campo Sella, a 100% Merlot with extraordinary spicy hints. The 2015 vintage was awarded with Gambero Rosso Three Glasses in 2019.

However, we decided to continue to explore new terroirs following unknown fragrances. From the hills of Valdobbiadene we created Batíso, the Prosecco that our grandparents used to moisten the infants’ lips. Instead, Polje comes from the Friulian Collio, a land rich in prestige which gave us elegant wines with a remarkable minerality. Mindful of the traditions of the Veneto region, we decided to celebrate the quality of our ancient enogastronomic history through Jole. The mother of all recipes, a line of delicious artisanal products that bears the name of our mother.

We constantly renew our will to have a 360 degree view that embraces the enogastronomic and hospitality field, feeding a family passion through which good wine, food and high quality hospitality have become our recognition mark. Our desire to discover, innovate and improve grows day by day, but we always take into account the traditions and the values of our land. The family always at first place. Nowadays two brothers, Stefano and Luigi Sutto, drawing on the teachings of their father and grandfather, have developed this business focusing on tradition and high quality, with an elegant and modern style that helped create a dynamic reality that offers excellent products and services.

Our red wines with full body and strong personality