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Sutto - Extravirgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Extravirgin Olive Oil "Nostrano" quality is produce with 100% of Italian olives from Verona area. It stands out for its delicate and fragrant taste and for its fresh hints of olives and eucalypt flowers. It is particulary recommended to dressing and frying and it also has beneficial properties thanks to its antioxidant substances.

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Nutritional values for 100 ml

Energy value: 824Kcal/3390kJ
Fat: 91,6g of which saturates: 13,3g
Vitamin E: 11mg (92% Nutrient Reference Values)
Average acidity at the time of packaging: <0,5


Store away from light, between 14 and 20 °C.

Sutto - Extravirgin Olive Oil 500 ml - SuttoWine